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Textured wall

Textured Wall


Blue Lorraine Venetian Plaster


Hand Textured & Stain Glazed Walls


Wood Grained Stairs


What is faux finishing?

Faux Finishing

The term faux is typically used to describe decorative paint finishes that are recreated to give the appearance of natural materials such as marble, stone and wood. The term faux finishing can also encompass a wide variety of decorative finishes that are created on walls, ceilings, floors and furniture for interior and exterior purposes.

Our educational background

We often are asked if we have attended school for faux finishing. The answer is "yes." In 2002 I started my first professional class with Faux Effects in Seattle, WA. I specifically choose them for their environmentally friendly products, range of product creativity and being a professional faux artist line. I also use Modern Masters and artists products from Proceed. New products are constantly on the market and it is our goal to keep up to date and provide the most innovative finishes for our clients. 2003 Faux & Designer Finishes 1, Kelly S King, Seattle, WA 2003 Water colors, Adult Ed, Bozeman, MT 2004 Fauxcademy, Marble & wood grain, Pierre Finkelstein, Las Vegas, NV 2005 Archistone, Bozeman, MT 2006 Faux & Designer Finishes 2, Kelly S. King, Omaha, NB 2006 Oil & Prespective painting, Richard Kirk, Von Liebig Art Center, Naples, FL 2010 Alchemy, Faux Effects International, Raymond Sandor, Vero Beach, FL 2011 Started working with Proceed glass beads

Our Clients

We work with individual homeowners, designers & decorators.

Free Estimate

The estimate is usually conducted in the place in which the finishes will be created. Prior to the estimate I will ask specific questions about what colors, textures and decorating style you like & want to incorporate. We have a large portfolio of our custom designed samples, each being 18" X 24" in size which will be brought to the estimate. Often times we need to custom design something specific for you depending on your specific preferences. Usually I am able to provide you with an estimate right then with available work dates. If further samples need to be created I will work on those and arrange for another meeting time.

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